Building, Construction and Allied Trades Skills (BCATS) Level 1

Building, Construction and Allied Trades Skills (BCATS) Level 1 covers skills in communication, literacy, maths, quality standards, workshop procedures, health and safety, materials knowledge (including timber, metal, plastic, glass and rubber), and hand tools.

What resources are provided?

  • Learning resources
  • Plans and specifications for workshop projects

Teacher resources, including assessment guidelines, checklists and tools that can be used in the classroom and "onsite" are available to secondary school teachers by logging into the site.

For your convenience, we have included the versions of the unit standards to which these resources relate.  (Newer versions of these unit standards are available on NZQA's website.  A summary of the changes will be added to the Site Notes and Changes section of this site in due course. Resources will be updated ready for a full roll-out of the new versions in 2021. Anyone wishing to develop resources for these themselves are requested to submit them to [email protected] for pre-moderation.)