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All teacher resources that include model answers have been removed from this site.

School teachers, please continue to access teacher resources through the www.myBCITO.nz site. If you have not already registered, please do so here: https://bcito.org.nz/educators/. Please note that only verified secondary school teachers are permitted access to these resources and that the verification process can take up to 24 hours.

Tertiary education organisations who haven't already downloaded them can request the ones they need by emailing [email protected]

Level 3 lockdown alternatives

These have been removed from the site.  If you have not already done so, please follow the instructions in the email you were sent, complete the form for each student you assessed as having achieved any of them, and return it to the email address on the form.

Ngā mihinui,
The BCATS team.
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BConstructive are practical and multi-disciplinary programmes for students, providing them with the skills and knowledge to springboard into any career in the construction industry.

Rather than focusing on any one trade, Building, Construction, and Allied Trades Skills (BCATS) programmes build skills and an understanding of all trades in the construction industry. They also develop literacy, numeracy and communication skills and contribute to NCEA qualifications.

Students who participate in the BConstructive programme can go on to consider apprenticeships in a variety of trades such as: carpentry, brick and blocklaying, painting and decorating, flooring, joinery, frame and truss, aluminium joinery, and so on.


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