BCITO Gateway Packages; Guide for Schools

Level 2 BCATS - 2021

Gateway 2021

BCITO has two Gateway support programmes designed to enhance and focus the learning that occurs throughout a student’s structured workplace learning and assessment programme.

Work placements must be sufficient to allow students time to develop the skill and knowledge levels required to achieve the relevant unit standards. At least 10 high-quality industry placement days may enable a motivated student to achieve the same skills and knowledge as someone who's gaining them throughout the year as part of a subject. However, a year long programme will provide students with a rich learning experience that will help set them up for post-programme success.

BCITO Gateway is our introductory programme, suitable for students with the maturity to benefit from experience gained in a workplace and who have enough familiarity with materials, tools, equipment and machinery likely to be encountered in their work placements to be safe in a workplace.

BCITO Gateway Advanced is an advanced programme that focuses on students doing work in industry placement that meets the Stage 3 BCATS project criteria. Students must be sufficiently prepared for the level of independent research, learning, and recording required.  

BCITO Gateway Advanced is advanced.  Students should already have completed Level 2 BCATS unit standards or be able to demonstrate to BCITO staff equivalent skills, knowledge, and behaviours.

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